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About Us

Business owner Paul Ford has been in the Construction Industry since 2001 and has many years of experience of supplying and fitting windows, doors, bifolds and lanterns to the public and trade.

We are fully FENSA registered giving you peace of mind.

Your FENSA certificate provides proof that your window and door installations:-

  • Comply with Building Regulations
  • Use energy efficient products
  • Are registered with the local council
  • It also means the installation warranty is insured.
Our premises are located at Unit 1, Kings Court Industrial Estate, Sedgley Road East, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 8XA, where you are welcome to come and view our products and talk to us about your requirements and discuss the various options available.


Are bifold doors secure?

If your bifold doors are external (leading from the rear of your home into your kitchen, living room, dining room or conservatory) then you want to ensure they are secure.

Our doors are aluminium framed and come fully assembled and ready to install. Some cheaper alternatives come flat packed.

There are multi-point locking systems that lock at various points on the tracks below and above the doors.

The glass used is double glazed & toughened & 4mm thick on both panes and meets British Standards BS 5286.

Are bifold doors energy efficient?
This obviously only relates to exterior bifold doors, and as long as they are installed properly, they should be very energy efficient indeed.

Keep the cold out and the warm in.

The energy efficiency of your bifold doors depends on your U-Value. A lower U-Value means your home is more energy efficient, with a decent U-Value typically sitting at around 1.3 or 1.4. A structure’s U-Value is calculated by measuring the rate at which heat is transferred through it and dividing it by the difference in temperature throughout your home. To achieve a lower U-Value you’ll want to make sure your doors are air tight and that you use toughened glass, which will naturally have a lower U-Value.
What design options are available?

You can choose the number of leafs you require :- 3, 4, or 5 (are the most popular) or more depending on the size of your opening, the weight of the doors and the structural integrity of your house.

There are many variations of how the doors can be configured.

A traffic door (the main door you go in and out of) can be placed at any position of your choice within the Bi Fold door system.

Doors don’t have to slide from one side to another, they can slide either way, from the centre or off centre and can fold inside or outside.
What is the best way to clean my bifold doors?
Bifold doors are easy to clean. Just use soap and water with a microfibre cloth to keep the glass sparkling clean and a mild detergent with a cloth or sponge to clean the frames.
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean out any dirt or dust from the tracks.
What are the benefits of Aluminimum bifold doors compared to wood or uPVC?
There are many benefits including:-

  • More durability than uPVC and timber
  • Less maintenance than uPVC or timber
  • Available in wide variety of colours and finishes
  • Don’t expand or contract as much as the alternatives
  • Stronger material so larger panels are available
  • Increased security
How do I measure the opening for my bifold doors accurately?
Measure the width of your opening then deduct 15m.

Measure the height of your opening then deduct 10mm.

We will take your measurements and then provide you with a drawing which you will review and sign off before we manufacture the doors.
What colours are available in bifold doors?
Most popular colours are white, anthracite grey and black but are also available in many different colours to suit your taste.

Doors can be produced with different colours on the outside and inside, for example, grey outside and white inside.
How quickly will my bifold doors arrive?
Delivery times are approx. 10 days from confirmation of order.

Collection is free. Delivery is £150 within 130 miles of our location.
Can you install my bifold doors?

Installation is available at a cost of £150 per leaf/metre (includes foam, fixings and trim and a 10 Year Warranty on fitting.)

Can you remove and take away my existing doors?
Yes this can be arranged.
Can I have a fixed door next to a folding one?
Yes doors can be configured to your preference.
How much is delivery?
Delivery is £150 within 130 miles of our location.
What other types of doors are available?
Sliding patio doors, French Doors, Composite uPVC front and back doors.
What are the heights of the bifold doors

The standard height is 2.1m. We can make doors to measure so if your opening is higher this can be accommodated.

What handle options are available?
Handles and hardware are available in a variety of colours – chrome (brushed, stainless), white and black.